What is 2 days extension program?

20170930_145910Many people felt 3 days were too short. A lot felt so good and would like to practice for some more days. From December 2017 an extension for another two days will be organized with some programs. During these two days participants can spend more time to deeper their meditation experience or they can have voluntary activities at the farm area. This period is more flexible than first 3 days. Also with the smaller group,  atmosphere will be more calm. Many who stayed longer appreciate very much this extension moment.

For someone who love to practice more, they can meditate more at one own’s favorite place. For someone who love to be with vegetable farm and rice field can also spend their time as voluntary activities. It’s possible to request a personal coaching for the practice. The whole group can practice together in the early morning and evening session with leading of the teaching monk.

For anyone who love to stay longer, please tell us in advance with email papaemeditation@gmail.com