Practice of silence

IMG_20171025_145909Silence is essential for meditation retreat. We need silence outside to listen the inspirational voice from inside. However at Pa Pae Meditation Retreat silence is not compulsory because comfortable feeling can not be developed very well with strict and strong control atmosphere. Mind can be still only once we feel comfortable. To be at “the middle” we allow people to communicate but encourage to do it mindfully and carefully.

For each individual to establish one’s own peace, there are many way to support the practice.

  1. One full day for silence 

From the beginning of the first day of 3 days program, all participant will be encouraged to apply first 24 hours as full silent time. Everyone will avoid to have any communication with the others. However reading, writing and  talking with the teaching monk or with mentor is acceptable.

  1. Silent time

Every day one hour before each meditation session and also during the night after evening session all participants will be encouraged to be silent. There is sign to remind this silent time at dinning area.

  1. Silent badge

Participants can ask for a silent badge. It will show the others for their personal silent time. The others will know to not ask or not communicate with that person.

  1. Silent area

It’s possible to find a good place to stay calm alone. Near accommodation participants can walk to a tree house which could be an area to be more solitude.