From Chiang Mai

From Chiang Mai to Pa Pae it takes around 70 km.

Detail : To go to Pa Pae Meditation Retreat, please take direction from Chiang Mai to Pai, Mae Hong Son. Take road 107 heading to north, until km.35 you will arrive at Mae Malai junction. Follow direction to Pai by turning to the left. You will be on road 1095. For another 30 km. you will arrive Pang Ma Kluay village, Pa Pae sub district. Look to your left hand side, until you see administrative buildings in pink color, you are arriving at Pa Pae Local Administration office ( อบต.ป่าแป๋๋ / “Or Bor Tor Pa Pae“) and Pa Pae local hospital. From these places turn left, follow sign for around 1 km., you will arrive Pa Pae Meditation Retreat.

GPS Location  19.1153843 98.7107283




Pa Pae Retreat map upd 17-08-08 Aug

Map of Pa Pae Meditation Retreat 


 1432280542139_resBy motorbike or private car from Chiang Mai

From Chiang Mai, follow direction to Pai at Mae Malai (แม่มาลัย) junction. From this turn, you will drive 30 km. to reach our place. On the way you will see signs indicating distance which start at 6.5 km near to our place.



Junction as the first choice to turn

20170809_111847 20170902_094754
200 metres before first junction Look sign pointing to the left at the junction

Pay attention to follow the signs. You have two choices. First one, if you see a junction with a big sign of Pa Pae Meditation Retreat pointing to the left. Turn left.

Be careful. Drive slower. Aound 400 m you will see a small sign to turn left. Next 50 m you will arrive  Meditation Retreat ธรรมสถานนานาชาติป่าแป๋.

Junction as the second choice to turn

20170809_111341 20170809_111525
Pink building and bridge before Pa Pae stop  You can see sign at the tree showing left direction


Second choice, keep driving for around 700 meter from the first one you will arrive another junction. You can look map above.  Once you see pink buildings ( administrative center) and a bridge on your left hand side. Please slow down your car. You are arriving at Pa Pae Local Administration office ( อบต.ป่าแป๋๋ / “Or Bor Tor Pa Pae“) and Pa Pae local hospital. Prepare to turn left. You will see also sign to Pa Pae Meditation Center.

For this way after turning left  at local Administration office, drive around 400 m. then there will a three way junction, turning left and drive another 300 m. you will pass a cross, drive strait ahead. In 50 m. you will see a small sign to to turn left. In 30 m. you will arrive  Meditation Retreat ธรรมสถานนานาชาติป่าแป๋.

On the way in the village, there are signs in every junction. Drive attentively. Some signs are small.20150906_104729_cop You can also ask villagers. Once they know you are international people, they will point the right way for you. Everyone in the village knows our place.






vantopai_res1By public transport from Chiang Mai

There are minivan from Chiang Mai to Pai leaving every hour (6.30 am – 5.30 pm) at Arcade Chiang Mai Bus station, terminal 2. This terminal is for bus to any destination in northern provinces of Thailand. Terminal 3 which is in the opposite site is for bus to Bangkok and far provinces in Thailand. If you drop at the wrong station, don’t worry, just walk to opposite side.

There will be booth for ticket running by Avia Booking. Ask to buy a ticket to Pa Pae. Price is 150 Bahts equal to destination Pai. Generally ticket is available anytime. Be careful just for some very high season such as New Year or Songkran festival. For these periods you can also book ticket online.

Booking ticket online

Once get into the car, try to confirm driver that you will go to Pa Pae Local Administration office ( อบต.ป่าแป๋๋ / “Or Bor Tor Pa Pae“). Or ask them to drop you at Baan Pang Ma Kluay บ้านปางมะกล้วย. It’s the name of village which is more specific than Pa Pae. Pa Pae name is very big because it’s a sub-district unit.

If driver shows their understanding, you can be quite relaxed. Many times drivers forgot or misunderstood to not stop at Pa Pae station.

The trip will be around 1 h 10-15 min. You can check with your watch. Around 1 hour on the way, you can notice some signs showing direction to our place starting from 6.5 km. Once you see pink building with a bridge on you left hand side. You are arriving at Pa Pae Local Administration office ( อบต.ป่าแป๋๋ / “Or Bor Tor Pa Pae“). Look for driver to make sure if he know here is your stop. If you feel he may not stop, better remind him again. You can say in Thai “Or Bor Tor Pa Pae” or “Baan Pang Ma Kluay”


Once you arrive at Pa Pae stop. You can walk for around 900 m. by following signs. It’s a agreeable way because it’s a downhill walking with some good scene. If some villagers ask to offer a service either by motobike or pick up car, it’s their favor. You can keep walking or coming with them.  You can also call 084-093-8383 (Thun) for possible free pick up service.

Pa Pae Meditation Retreat

“A guide place for happiness and inner wisdom discovery ”

GPS Location  19.1153843 98.7107283

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