Special Peace Lantern Retreat

9-13 November 2019

Every year in Chiang Mai there will be Lantern festival on the full moon day at the end of November. Pa Pae Meditation Retreat plans to organize a retreat program to offer opportunity for participants to meditate during this festival and be able to join a peaceful and impressive tradition of sky lantern releasing by cooperating with Pa Pae local administration.


9-10 November 2019 : 3 days meditation

11 November 2019 : Meditation for World Peace in the evening.

12 November 2019 : Sky lanterns releasing with local people in the evening ( tentative plan for 500 lanterns).

All participants will share loving kindness to the world together by chanting, meditation and World Peace sharing announcement. All participants who have been in Pa Pae Meditation Retreat will be invited to join this event with Live Online Presentation.

=> For more detail about Pa Pae Int’l Peace Light

13 November 2019 : Closing


By donation


Reservation : please contact papaemeditation@gmail.com or call 088-777-00543, 081-764-2417