Testimonial in simple text

Was such a pleasure and honor to attend your course. Never heard so interesting lessons and knowledge, a wonderful way to unite Western and Eastern wisdom.

Simona Camporesi, Italy

28-30 October 2014


Thank you for teaching me about meditation. It has been a nice experience for me and I will keep on practicing.

Mariane, Norway

28-30 October 2014


It was a very centering, grounding, strong, powerful and get very humble and loving. Balanced and beautiful meditation technique. Thanks for that meditation technique and I hope all human beings will benefit of this. I would say it’s the key to enter real Nirvana, real power. It’s being you. Being real.

Camia Calle, Columbia

25-27 November 2014


The meditation experience and instruction was easy and insightful. Plus you get to meditate in the most beautiful, natural surroundings. Nice living area and wonderful local meals for breakfast and lunch. I will come back.

Nadia, Singapore

24-26 January 2015 ( in Pa Pae)


Absolutely loving the retreat :) fascinating staff! very good to learn about Buddhism whist in Thailand also. I’m hoping to continue to practice meditation. Get much better but this has been a wonderful introduction :)

Laura Adams, UK

27-29 January 2015


I had a wonderful time and wish I could stay for another week! Meditating with the monk was a good learning experience, especially the lessons after the meditation sessions. Kind people, great setting, highhly recommend!

Munther, Jordan

27-29 January 2015

Pa Pae Meditation Retreat

@ Northern Thailand for Peace