Upcoming Retreats

Upcoming Retreats

PA PAE, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Year 2021

At the moment, due to a low volume of travelers in Thailand, we are running a more flexible retreat as opposed to our typical highly-structured format. The format will include the ability to join in our regular daily activities such as morning and evening chanting/meditation, alms round with monks, and various projects and maintenance activities that we do as a group. Outside of this, you can practice on meditation on your own as there will be no official teaching sessions.

In order to learn more about the flexible style of retreat, select the date you would Ike to attend, and submit your personal information, please fill out our Our Application Form.

In order to ensure proper health and safety during your retreat, we ask that you take necessary precautions such as: practicing social distancing, hand soap usage, etc.

Pa Pae Meditation Retreat

 A self discovery place in Thailand