1 month Buddhist Ordination Experience

In Chiang Mai, Thailand

20160214_163455Chiang Mai become more well-known to be destination of tourists from around the world. People feel calm and peaceful when arriving Chiang Mai. Mountain, forest, temples, culture and spiritually of Chiang Mai create together a special place for people who feel missing something in their life.

Pa Pae Meditation Retreat initiates one month program called “Buddhist Ordination Experience” to offer people to experience once in life time as Buddhist monk. It’s an educative, cultural and spiritual program. Nowadays people are asking to have slow life. Some try to find sense of spirituality. Others are seeking life meaning. Many are searching for wisdom of the East. “Buddhist Ordination Experience” is all for these ideas.

This program allows participants to discover potential of life and mind. When life become simple, we will realize how sustainable happiness can be simply created. During first week, participants will learn how to meditate and how to train themselves with Buddhist spiritual discipline. Each day they will also prepare for ordination ceremony. After ordination day, participants will focus more to cultivate self-discipline, meditation experience and inner wisdom. Alms in the village will be organized. Participants can  attend  3 days retreat class for laypeople. All teaching can be a good material for meditation practice. They can also meditate with their own personal rhythm in the forest area. To meditate regularly and continuously for some days can be a special experience for each individual.

If you would like to join this program for longer or shorter time, it’s possible to arrange. Please contact us for any condition you would like to know more.

For any enquiries, please write to papaemeditation@gmail.com or call +66-81-764-2417

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