Many people love this place for its calmness because it’s the hall which is furthest from any noise outside. Sound of nature at this place is really wonderful. You can listen birds, cricket, gentle wind, etc.

Forest Hall: Be harmony with nature

Open Hall is a hall with no roof and no wall. Or we say our wall paper is the forest and the roof is tree and sky. Either in the morning or sometimes we meditate here during the night, this place offers people another wonderful experience.

New hall for open space atmosphere

Almost 50 people from 18 countries visited Pa Pae Meditation Retreat during this August. Some knew by internet. Some saw road sign. Many were inspired from someone who visited before. Different people from different part of the world be here to learn how to “cool down” their mind.

49 participants from 18 countries joined retreat in August 2016.

There are 269 participants from 42 countries who come to join retreat at Pa Pae Meditation Retreat during 18 months. Germany, France, UK, The Netherlands, USA and Canada are leading countries as number of participants.

Who come to Pa Pae Meditation Retreat last 18 months

In Asia there are 4 elements which means earth, water, wind and fire. At Pa Pae Meditation Retreat participants can join 4 styles of meditation places which offer different way to be with 4 different elements. To be close to the nature helps to create pure energy for our mind. Earth At the chapel of Wat Pang Ma Kluay where each morning participants will be invited to join morning chanting, here is the place for earth element. In winter we have to close almost all windows and the door. We light the candle inside. This atmosphere is similar to be […]

Meditation with 4 elements