3 days

Céline, Belgian and Colombe, French met each other in Pa Ngan Island, Southern Thailand. Both francophones had plan to visit Northern city of Thailand. They decided to come together to Chiang Mai and then rent a motorbike to visit Pai. Both of them heard people talked about Pai and encouraged them to be there for this Thailand trip. On the way to Pai, they saw Pa Pae Meditation Retreat sign. It’s a topic which both of them are interested. Then they stop to ask and had chance to meditate for their first time. They liked that session and asked to […]

Two francophones initiate succusfully meditation

        During 10 days retreat of Hong Kong group, Samantha who is from Canada and have experience working in Africa come to join retreat 26-28 May 2015. Samantha practiced meditation before with Thai temple in Canada. This trip to Thailand allowed her to explore more about meditation. She was happy and had 2 very good sessions in 3 days. She loved very much meditation place of Pa Pae Meditation Retreat. See more pictures of Samantha during 26-28 May 2015

Samantha, Canadian joined 3 days retreat

Last 3 days retreat in Pai has been during 24-26 February. This program there were 17 participants from 8 countries. Three Israeli, three Frenchmen and one Chinese Australian lady stayed at least 2 sessions. The rest couldn’t participate more than one session. There were 2 Spanish, 2 English, 4 American, 1 French, 1 Italian.   Atmosphere was pleasant. With the gentle blowing wind from the rice field, mediation place was very comfortable for all participants. Many were surprise to know they can sit quietly 30-45 minutes. Meditatation experience of some participants could be long-lasting. Part of World Peace can be seen ready  in Pai.

24-26 February 2015 : 3 days retreat in Pai

  During 20 – 22 February 2015 three European participants joined 3 days retreat in Pa Pae Meditation Retreat. They are from Ireland, The Netherlands and Italy : 100% European. Most of the sessions were held on Moon court. Morning session was little cold. Aftenoon session was comfortable. Evening became cold again. Camp fire is necessary in the evening time. Feeling to be there is so special. Each day is always good day to train one’s own mind. One morning session was in Wat Pang Ma Kruay. After afternoon session it’s time for exercise. Around 1 hour to have physical exercise to do gardening. We develop together our meditation place. […]

20-22 February 2015 : 3 days retreat in Pa Pae

In January there are a lot of international people in Pai. This year some become lucky to join 3 days retreat at Spa Exotic Home. In 3 days there were 18 participants from 11 countries ( USA, Canada, UK, France, Sweden, The Netherlands, Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Jordan and Australia) who joined this program. From different part of the world, participants enjoyed together to listen Eastern wisdom and experience how meditation creates peacefulness. Read Testimonials Peace has its universal origin from inside.

Retreat 27-29 Jan 2015 in Pai with 11 nationalities

    25-27 November 2014 PAI Temperature in November becomes coller. Many international people enjoy to spend time short or long in this peaceful city. This time 8 participants from Switzerland, Ireland, England, USA (Texas and Seattle), Columbia ant The Netherlands join the program. Our visitors discover power and benefit of meditation, especially Middle Way meditation. It’s a good sign to the world that meditation helps very much for ordinary people in everyday life. Two 3 days programs experience : 17 participants from 11 countries proof meditation is a wonderful activity.        

Second 3 days meditation program in PAI