Moon court

  During 20 – 22 February 2015 three European participants joined 3 days retreat in Pa Pae Meditation Retreat. They are from Ireland, The Netherlands and Italy : 100% European. Most of the sessions were held on Moon court. Morning session was little cold. Aftenoon session was comfortable. Evening became cold again. Camp fire is necessary in the evening time. Feeling to be there is so special. Each day is always good day to train one’s own mind. One morning session was in Wat Pang Ma Kruay. After afternoon session it’s time for exercise. Around 1 hour to have physical exercise to do gardening. We develop together our meditation place. […]

20-22 February 2015 : 3 days retreat in Pa Pae

View on the Wood court, Pa pae Meditation Retreat
On the top of the hill which is around 10 min walking from wooden house we can meditate at a special court called Lan Deun Peng or Moon court. Under big trees in the afternoon with gentle wind blowing give us a very good feeling during meditation. Many participants mentioned to stay and meditate longer here.    See more pictures of Moon court

Moon court or Lan Deun Peng