Pai Spa Exotic Home

In January there are a lot of international people in Pai. This year some become lucky to join 3 days retreat at Spa Exotic Home. In 3 days there were 18 participants from 11 countries ( USA, Canada, UK, France, Sweden, The Netherlands, Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Jordan and Australia) who joined this program. From different part of the world, participants enjoyed together to listen Eastern wisdom and experience how meditation creates peacefulness. Read Testimonials Peace has its universal origin from inside.

Retreat 27-29 Jan 2015 in Pai with 11 nationalities

    25-27 November 2014 PAI Temperature in November becomes coller. Many international people enjoy to spend time short or long in this peaceful city. This time 8 participants from Switzerland, Ireland, England, USA (Texas and Seattle), Columbia ant The Netherlands join the program. Our visitors discover power and benefit of meditation, especially Middle Way meditation. It’s a good sign to the world that meditation helps very much for ordinary people in everyday life. Two 3 days programs experience : 17 participants from 11 countries proof meditation is a wonderful activity.        

Second 3 days meditation program in PAI

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Next program 24-26 February 2015 3 days free meditation program in Pai is an initation program to introduce meditation in Pai which is only  65 km from Papae. Participants will learn about meditation in 8 sessions with differnt views to realise importance, benefit and be inspired to meditate regularly after retreat. Partipants could be also motivated to join program in Papae Meditation Retreat. To be able to offer more possible interested people, program is free. Donation could be offerd to support this free program to stay longer. For any further information, please call 081-764-2417 or reserve your place at  

3 days retreat in Pai